Salt Water For Hot Tub Sanitizing? Things to Know Before You Decide

Description The Hayward Universal H FDP is a superior quality pool and spa heater that runs on a combination of electricity and propane fuel. It provides up to , BTU and is suitable for swimming pools having surface areas of up to 1, square foot. This pool and spa heater can raise the temperature of 1, gallons of pool water to 15 degrees Fahrenheit in only 20 minutes resulting in great savings in energy bills. Although they have a more robust CU cupro nickel heat exchanger you must pay attention to the limits. It is not suitable for heating seawater with salt concentrations greater than PPM, mineral water, and other types of non-potable waters such as rainwater, quarry waters used for landscape irrigation, river, dam, or creek water, or recycled water. In case you use automatic chlorinators and chemical feeders, you must install a chlorinator in the pool return line downstream from the heater at a lower elevation as compared to the heater. In addition, a separate seal corrosion and resistant check valve should be installed between the chlorinator and the heater outlet. This is required to avoid sanitizers that are highly concentrated from back siphoning into the heater, which usually happens when the pump is shut off resulting in creation of a pressure differential. Moreover, the pressure relief rating of the heater should be less than the working pressure of the heater. Both this information is mentioned in the front access panel on the base pan.

Hooking up five hoses to my hayward pump/filter

This may take some filtering, cleaning or backwashing of the filter, and more filtering to completely clean up over a period of weeks. Black green pool water will almost certainly have stagnent debris sitting on the bottom of the pool which needs to be cleaned out before you dose it. Whether it be leaves or a creature that got stuck and never made it out, be sure that this is all scooped up using a leaf shovel , followed by being manually vacuumed out of the pool using a vacuum head , appropriate length hose for your pool 9m , 11m or 15m and a telepole.

Click here to read more about how to manually vacuum your pool. If you have a vinyl liner pool, diluting any chemicals that are being added to your pool in SEPERATE tubs of water we don’t want any chemical reactions here is always a good idea to ensure no damage is done to your liner.

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Shop Now Chlorine Generator Installation Chlorine generator installation is something that can be done by many homeowners. First, you will need to choose the chlorine generator best-suited for your pool. For the installation process you will need a few common tools in addition to the chlorine generator itself. Two feet of PVC Pipe, 1. To connect the chlorine generator cell, you will cut a gap in the return line and glue in the PVC elbows or couplings.

A short piece of PVC pipe may be needed to extend the elbows or couplings to position the cell in a handy spot. The water flow will be routed through the cell and then back to the return line. Next, the chlorine generator controls will need to be connected to an electrical power source. Power consumption is relatively low so additional circuits are rarely required. Once completed, the chlorine generator will come on whenever the main pool pump is activated.

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Salt Water For Hot Tub Sanitizing? Things to Know Before You Decide

Heat pump for my 18×36 inground pool. I live in Maryland. Is this an appropriate choice?

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Salt water systems are being promoted as the better way to keep hot tub water clean because allegedly: They use an inexpensive salt like table salt instead of expensive hot tub chemicals 4. They are environmentally friendly because they use less chemicals 6. Salt water hot tub sanitization can be beneficial if you are willing to understand the reality of the system. Claim 1, less work: The manual has 16 pages and includes separate warnings, procedures and descriptions.

This means that there is a huge amount of work required to operate and maintain this system. Claim 2, no harsh chemicals: Well, they use salt and water to constantly produce five harsh chemicals in your hot tub water as you use the tub. Salt water system manufacturers also recommend that you use normal spa chlorine and spa water shock any time that the tested chlorine level gets low…which can be frequently.

Hayward Salt Cell – (T-15 Refurbished)

Pipe wrench large enough to accommodate a 2-inch PVC fitting Video of the Day Understand the way the water flows through the equipment system. The first component is the pump, which pulls the water in from the pool, then pushes it out into the filter, the second component. Water pressure forces the water into the filter tank and through the outside of the Hayward cartridges to remove all solids down to 5 microns.

A 4 wire connection is used to communicate to the Aqua Rite and can be wired up to ‘ apart. Any outdoor rated 4 conductor cable can be used. Configuration Group Function 5. Group Function The latest version of the Pro Logic offers the ability to assign a Group function to a particular button. Page 26 Note that all functions in the table may not be offered. The available functions are dependent on how the Pro Logic is configured. Configuration Menus Accessing the Configuration Menus Configuring the Pro Logic requires that you navigate through the Configuration Menu and input various informa- tion.

For more detailed information about using the Pro Logic menu system, refer to the Operation Manual. Page 28 Chemistry Config.

The 8 Best Salt Chlorinators

Hayward AQR3 15, gallons Eventually the cells will need replacing. The heart and soul of the AquaRite chlorination system. One of the most popular being the ability of the Hayward control to let you know when the T-cell needs cleaned out. As long as you keep the PH level 7. All in all, the diagnostics will provide you with 8 indicators letting you know what is going on with your AquaRite at all times. The digital salt display also lets you see the levels in the water in case you need to give it a quick top up.

It’s basically a sealed cartridge containing a chlorine supply through which your pool water passes. It has no moving parts, so not much can go wrong. The main problem that pool owners encounter is leaking because of a worn O-ring in the lid. The unit can clog with scale, but it won’t if you regularly clean it. Clogs can also occur in the control valve when you vacuum the pool, and airlocks can develop inside the cartridge.

Clogs and airlocks restrict water flow, and the pool chlorine levels will fall. Troubleshoot your Hayward chlorinator to keep your pool water clean and clear. Four Hayward Models Hayward offers four chlorinator models–two for in-ground pools and two for above-ground pools. The CL above-ground and in-ground , are designed to be installed in line with the pool circulation system.

If you have one of these models, it should be installed right after the pool heater or–if you don’t have a heater–after the filter. The other two, the CL above-ground and in-ground , are designed to bypass the heater and filter.

Hook up chlorine feeder

The typical installation uses basic tools and only takes about an hour. Ensure that all local codes are met. Never again buy chlorine or shock.

Is the chlorinator supposed to be full of water with the tablets submerged? I let the chlorinator fill with water, put the tablets and then close the lid. A few days later though I find it completely dry with no water inside, or just a tiny bit? Is my chlorinator faulty? My chlorinator is 3 ft below surface of the pool. I know there is one built into the unit on the outlet side but I want another to prevent backflow on the inlet side.

Where can I get it? I’m using 3″ chlorine tablets. How do I know what number should I set the dial on? I read that he chlorine should be ppm. Does that mean to fill the container and set it on 2?

How to Install a a Hayward Pool Filter

Since cell life is directly tied to hours of operation many pool owners oversize for their pool and use this AQR15 model. For pools up to 40, gallons Chlorine maximum output: Announced in was the launch of Hayward offering an “expert line” of products that you can only get through authorized Hayward dealer. This is to encourage pool owners to shop directly with swimming pool retail stores and authorized Hayward dealers as opposed to buying online.

In recent years the availability of pool products online have been so inexpensive to the general public that pool stores and pool professionals were losing the ability to compete with big online retailers.

I found a saltwater chlorinator sale at Leslies while shopping for a replacement in-line chlorinator July, Have wanted one of these since they came on the market but the steep upfront cost caused steep procrastination. This is on my “Gee, I’m glad I bought that” list. Occasional addition of stabilizer is required. No more buckets of chlorine pucks. No more chlorine bucket storage problems.

Much less cyanuric acid accumulation allowing Greater use of Di-chlor pool shock. May never have to add shock because the saltwater system will generate “shock levels” of chlorine. Greater pH stability because the highly acidic tri-chlor tablets are no longer reducing the pH.

Salt Water Pool Systems – Chlorine Generators for Salt & Chlorine Pools

It is possible, however, to get the two to work together using the first generation Pentair IntelliComm. First, set up four distinct speeds on the pump. This is straight forward on the old style 4 X If using a newer menu driven pump set up the speeds in the External Control menu.

Salt water chlorinators use a generator to create electrical currents, which are then passed along a cell. This cell is comprised of titanium plates that are coated with either iridium or ruthenium. Many people think saltwater pools don’t have any chlorine, but this is simply untrue. They have a perfectly balanced level of free available chlorine, which is constantly generated by the saltwater chlorinator. Traditional swimming pools have a combination of FAC and combined available chlorine.

FAC isn’t known to cause any irritations and won’t result in that chemical smell found in heavily chlorinated traditional pools. Electrolysis attracts minerals in the pool water to these plates as the saltwater passes through the circulation system. A low-voltage current running through the plates breaks the salt and water up into hydrogen gas and hypochlorus acid. The hydrogen molecules then bubble up to the surface and are released from the pool, while the acid remains behind to act as a disinfectant.

This process creates an excess of hydroxyl as it releases the chlorine molecules from the salt. This results in an overly alkaline pool and the leftover hydrochloric acid from the electrolysis process is used to neutralize the alkalinity. This is repeated over and over again, constantly releasing a steady stream of usable chlorine into the pool water.

DIY Hayward CL200 In-Line Chlorinator Installation