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My year-old grandson bought his year-old girlfriend of barely two months lingerie from Victoria’s Secret. I think this is very inappropriate. He thinks I’m a dinosaur. I think if you were his parent, then this would be a great “last call” bell, telling you that you’re about to have little to zero say in your son’s sex life. If you’re a grandparent but acting as his guardian, then that applies.

If you’re a grandparent in a traditional grandparent role, then you’ve got very little to say here except as an academic exercise. Unless, that is, you’re able to communicate with him — as guardian or grand — not the judgmental aspect of your thinking, but the substance behind it.

This 78-Year-Old Grandma Can Deadlift More Than Most 20-Year-Old Men (Video)

Fan Works Dr Briefs in Dragonball Z Abridged constantly spouts racism, sexism, homophobia, and every other far-right talking point, always with the same cheerful expression from his original kindly Dragon Ball Z incarnation, though he’s still very much a good guy. He’s even a literal racist grandpa. Do you think he gets that from his monkey side? No racism in front of Trunks!

Oh come on, I’m using “monkey” ironically. Films — Animation The deleted scene “Homesick Hopps” from Zootopia is an alternate version of the scene where Judy calls home after her first day on the force and has Judy’s grandfather, Pop-Pop, declare “Foxes are red because they were made by the devil!

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But if you’re trying to cut out sugar, you don’t eat honey. The grandmother-of-four praised the sweetener, which she said ‘looks and tastes like sugar’ – but without the effects. Then 20 minutes later you’re down and looking for more. Carolyn spoke with Lisa Wilkinson and Karl Stefanovic, revealing she had been fit her whole life thanks in part to her love of sport Carolyn adjusted her diet immediately, discovering that there were hidden sugars everywhere. But she found solace when she discovered an all-natural sugar free sweetener called Xylitol She also praised meditation, which she began to practice at the age of Xylitol is an all-natural sugar free sweetener that tastes and looks like sugar, but that is where the similarities end.

Our bodies produce up to 15g of xylitol daily during normal metabolism. Xylitol is one of a group of sugar substitutes known as polyols. Others in the same group include sorbitol and maltitol, but they have 6 carbon structures and can be metabolised by harmful bacteria. However, xylitol has a unique 5 carbon structure metabolised only by friendly bacteria.

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Titles[ edit ] A grandfather teaching his granddaughter to use a kick scooter When used as a noun e. When preceded by “my All forms can be used in plural, but Gramps plural Gramps is rare. In writing, Grandfather and Grandmother are most common, but very rare when referring to a grandparent in person. In many parts of India , maternal grandparents are called Nana and Nani.

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The year-old grandma is a stalwart member of Club Fitness in Wood Lawn, where she is known to most members of the club. Going several times a week, she can often be seen in the weights section working out. But the gym junkie recently reached quite a milestone on her favorite exercise – deadlifting – by picking up a bar loaded with pounds of weights. Scroll down for video Shirley Webb, 78, is pictured lifting a bar loaded with pounds of weights during a trip to her gym in Illinois The year-old grandma is a stalwart member of Club Fitness in Wood Lawn To put that weight in perspective, the standard lift weight of a pound woman would be about pounds.

A pound man would lift about pounds. The accomplishment came as no surprise to Webb’s trainer, John Wright, who has been filming her workouts and putting them on the gym’s Facebook page.


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Paul Weitz gave the world “About a Boy” over a decade ago, masterfully telling a story through it character’s relationships and actions. The well-received film garnered major acclaim from critics and got Weitz his first Academy Award nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay. Since then, Weitz has never returned to that type of reception with admirable yet very visual missteps along the way like “In Good Company. He doesn’t get all the kudos though. Star Lily Tomlin, a veteran comedic actress that has been sadly overlooked too many times in her career, delivers one of the performances of her career.

With a day’s journey in front of them, and with a goal in mind, the two women share their feelings with one another while confronting their past, and looking forward to their future. Hands down, front to back, this film excels and soars on the work of Academy Award nominated actress Lily Tomlin. I can’t recall a time when Tomlin has been more vulnerable, available, and prodigious as she demonstrates in Weitz’s picture.

Through all the vulgarity and rough edges, Tomlin finds Elle’s humanity.

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Rifca Stanescu became a grandparent at just 23 years old! She gave birth to her daughter, Maria, at age 12, who then gave birth to her son at age According to Italian tradition, most parents will name their first-born son after his paternal grandfather and the second-born son after his maternal grandfather. The first-born daughter is named after her paternal grandmother and the second-born daughter is named after her maternal grandmother.

Next time you watch the Smurfs cartoon with your grandkids, remember that they were invented in Belgium! Pierre Culliford, a Belgian comics artist, first drew the little blue characters in Oba-chan, Sobo oh-bah-chan, soh-boh Grandpa: Ojiisan, Sofu oh-gee-sahn, soh-foo Fact: The traditional Japanese familial structure marks the eldest son as the heir to the family. This means that once his parents become too old to live alone, they will move in with their first-born son and his family to be taken care of.

Filipinos believe that eating pancit, a special kind of noodle, on your birthday will enable you to live longer. You could call it the Filipino version of a superfood! Cambodians follow an extremely strict and traditional marriage route.

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Kotaku UK is the UK version of Kotaku. Listening to Tetris Effect’s many songs has brought back an unexpected memory: the lyrics that I invented as a child for the original Tetris theme.

While we bake a variety of artisan cakes , dessert liqueur cakes , breakfast breads , and coffee cakes , our old-fashioned fruit cake is by far, our most popular. This traditional fruit cake is made with the rich wholesome goodness of ripe cherries, succulent pineapples, plump raisins, crunchy almonds, English walnuts and pecans. These ingredients are mixed into a batter enriched with the perfect amount of bourbon, rum and brandy.

No citron or orange peel! The homemade goodness was first introduced to the public in St. Louis, Missouri by two German immigrant brothers. The Lantz brothers owned and operated a bakery where they discovered a family fruit cake recipe in their grandmother’s cookbook.

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